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Study the art of science and the science of art.
Leonardo da Vinci

How to use

Welcome to the DaVincikey how to page.

The DavinciKey calipers are made for artists and designers who want to incorporate the golden ratio into their work with ease.

They are simply opened to whatever distance is required and the golden ratio will always be between the points and within the curves.

         The large key opens to 400mm at full extension


You can hold them up in front of your work to gauge an approximation of the golden ratio or set on your work (carefully) to mark out more accurate dimensions.

Here is some brilliant artwork by  Rady J Blackcrab of Absolute Tattoo Australia showing how the DaVinciKey can be a very useful tool for incorporating the golden ratio into art.

I will upload some more content and footage of the calipers in action in the near future but everyone will have a different use for them depending on their vocation and creative style.

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