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Study the art of science and the science of art.
Leonardo da Vinci


There is a well known quote by Leonardo da Vinci that goes something like this.

"Principles for the development of a complete mind:
Study the science of art.
Study the art of science.
Develop your senses.
Especially learn how to see.
Realise that everything connects to everything else."

It's also well known that Leonardo da Vinci was an exceptionally gifted individual with many of his paintings, sculptures and inventions still held in high regard today.

A lesser known fact though is that he was passionate about mathematics giving rise to his understanding of sacred geometry, which he incorporated into much of his work.

Da Vincis' excellent illustrations and participation in the book  "De divina proportione" by Luca pacioli around 1500ad, is all that one needs to grasp the depth of his knowledge on the subject of the divine proportion or "golden ratio" and its applications to visual arts and architecture.

This knowledge combined with the quote above and the myriad of new discoveries of Phi in nature, from the nano (DNA) to the macro (galaxy spirals), is what inspired the the development of the tools and the name DaVinciKey.  

DaVinciKey calipers with four points are (to my knowledge) the only four point golden mean calipers available. The curves of the Phi spiral radius have also been incorporated in the design process for a natural look and feel to enhance the users experience. Stainless steel and titanium components ensure unmatched durability and allow for easy repair in case of a mishap.