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Study the art of science and the science of art.
Leonardo da Vinci

220mm DaVinciKey

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220mm DaVinciKey Summary

The 220mm DaVinciKey is a device used by artists, engineers, architects, designers, etc to give them an advantage in their chosen field. They allow the user to create, find or even transfer the proportions of the golden ratio or Phi with the advantage of having, uniquely, 4 points of reference and curves based on the Phi spiral radius, which are also for reference. 

The DaVinciKey is made from brush finished, laser cut stainless steel components coupled with polished washers and titanium alloy custom CNC screws which have been glued with a thread locking compound.

This combination of durable and hard wearing metal components will ensure, with proper use, your DaVinciKey will last a lifetime. Also if for any reason any part of the key is damaged beyond repair for example, spare parts are available and easily replaceable.

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220mm DaVinciKey

220mm DaVinciKey

The 220mm DaVinciKey is a device used by artists, engineers, architects, designers, etc to give them...